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Welcome to the newly re-designed Robert Orndorff web site. I figured that after 8 years, it was about time to "freshen up" the site a bit. I'm still experimenting, so you will probably see it change over the coming weeks.
I didn't want to do away with the friendly "Don't Panic" logo, so here it is.

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You can email me, if you like, by clicking the following link (javascript required!) web_mail at rmonet.com

Ok, with that out of the way, here are the links to what you may find interesting here at rmonet.com.

off-site, etc...

I recently switched over to BOINC. It is the new software base for the Seti@home project. Unlike Seti@home classic, BOINC allows you to give CPU cycles to more than one project. Here's a link to my BOINC stats page

Some of my recent discoveries:

Here are the sticky sites (they'll be here for a while...)
  • Total Commander, the best file manager around.
  • PSPad is a fantastic freeware text/html/programmer's/hex editor.
  • OpenOffice.org is a really good, open source, and completely free Office suite. Who needs Microsoft Office?
  • Opera is my web browser of choice.
  • Mozilla.org is the home of Firefox, Thunderbird, and the Mozilla suite.